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1/24/2018, UT 09:04:21
Symbols for Today 304
Sabian: . A council of ancestors.
Charubel: A cherry tree in full blossom.
New Release 8!!!
Includes among other changes and improvements

Astrodynes y Derived Huses
Life Scan in Transits, Progressions  and Directions
Planetary Cycles, Harmonic Wheel
Atacirs Technique
Divider and Participant Table (Juntino)
Partner Progressions and Directions
Saving Data in the Cloud

New  Activable Modules 


[based on the work od Enzo de Paola]
Regulus Platinum Meridian Gold
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Hank Friedman Review
 Our Vision

Create high quality Astrology Software  in order to facilitate the job of professional astrologers and help in the learning process to beginner astrologers.  

Cathar Software Company began with the creation of Spanish based Astrology Software  to help Spanish speaking students learn the Huber Method .

Cathar Software currently offers:  

1. Professional Astrology Software  that addresses Traditional Techniques as well as the Huber Method .  

2. Astrology Reports  with a wide a variety of approaches.  

3. Information on the basic elements of traditional Astrology as well as the advanced techniques used in the Huber Method . Cathar Software Services and Products are planned at a global level.

Our multi-lingual facilities are available to both professional astrologers and astrology enthusiasts from all parts of the world.

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